Saudi Arabia World Cup Squad 2022: Squad Analysis & 26-man Rosters List

The Saudia Arabia squad for this FIFA world cup 2022 has been announced! See who made the cut and who will be representing the country in the world’s biggest football tournament.

Saudi Arabia is also considered one of the most exciting teams around the globe, and it’s not hard to see why. They’ve got a fantastic young squad with plenty of potential and potential star players. The team is full of talented attacking players like Omar Hawsawi and Omar Abdulrahman, who can score goals at will, but they also have some very solid defensive options as well. The coach Herve Renard will want to do everything in his power, but he knows that the other nations in their pool pose a threat. If you want to know about the Mexico FIFA World Cup 2022 Squad, click here.

Saudi Arabia World Cup Squad 2022

Saudi Arabia has been drawn into Group C along with Argentina and Mexico, while Poland could also prove dangerous if they get off on playing this game too much as Brazil did at home last year during World Cup qualification when victory was not enough for them anymore (and rightfully so). The twenty-six players who will make the trip to Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 are as follows. They are not an easy group, but Renard has hope that his troops can also cause a couple of upsets and get into the knockout stages!

Saudi Arabia World Cup Squad 2022


Goalkeepers are considered the last line of defense for teams like Saudi Arabia. They have to be able to save shots from any angle, and they must have good reflexes. Mohammed Al-Owais is arguably the best goalkeeper in world football. He’s played every game for his country and managed to guide them through qualification, which makes him an extremely valuable asset on any team he may play against! Mohammed Al Rubaie, a 25-year-old goalkeeper from Al Ahli, is expected to be the second-choice keeper for the team in this World Cup. He has played well domestically and provides an excellent option on the bench with his solid play between saving shots all day long!


Last year, Renard tried many combinations in an effort to find the perfect balance. Ali Al-Bulaihi has been the most frequently used center-back, whereas others like Abdulelah Amri have come into play for their side. The defensive play of Al-Ghanam has been the most consistent in recent weeks. Yasser joined them at left back to make it a fullbacks’ wall for Saudia. Qatar’s Yasser Al-Shahrani, an experienced defender for the country, will be crucial in keeping a check on attacking opponents like Poland and Argentina in this World Cup.


Salman Al Faraj and Abdullah Otayf are the two midfielders for Al-Hilal. They play well together because they have an understanding of what each other is going to do on any given day, which benefits both players immensely as it limits mistakes made by either one too much time spent figuring things out or having unfamiliarity with certain formations used against them. Fahad Al Muwallad, an attacking midfielder for Saudi Arabia, can be considered a starter as well. An attacking midfielder like Hattan Bhebri is a weapon for their team, leading the line and creating opportunities with his intelligence.


The rise of the Saudi Arabia national team has been one to watch in this World Cup qualifying cycle. They played well and developed new talent, and faced off against some heavy hitters. The Saudis youth team prodigy, Saleh Al-Shehri, was a scoring machine during the qualification stage as he recorded seven goals in 13 appearances. He provides stiff competition for Burakhan’s position with this young and athletic forward who has been compared by many people within footballing circles alike because they are both phenomenal talents!

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Saudi Arabia FIFA World Cup Squad 2022

GKMohammed Al-Owais31038Al-Hilal
GKMohammed Al Rubaie2508Al-Ahli   
GKNawaf Al-Aqidi2201Al-Nassr
GKAmin Bukhari2500Al-Nassr
DFYasser Al-Shahrani30270Al-Hilal
DFMohammed Al-Breik30138Al-Hilal
DFAli Al-Bulaihi32035Al-Hilal
DFSultan Al-Ghanam28023Al-Nassr  
DFSaud Abdulhamid23020Al-Hilal
DFAbdulelah Al-Amri25117Al-Nassr
DFHassan Tambakti23016Al-Shabab
DFAbdullah Madu29014Al-Nassr
DFAhmed Bamsaud2603Al-Ittihad
MFFahad Al-Muwallad281772Al-Shabab
MFSalman Al-Faraj33869Al-Hilal
MFSalem Al-Dawsari311767Al-Shabab      
MFNawaf Al-Abed  32851Al-Hilal
MFAbdullah Otayf  30145Al-Shabab
MFHattan Bahebri30440  Al-Hilal  
MFMohamed Kanno28134Al-Nassr
MFAbdulellah Al-Malki  28024Al-Nassr
MFSami Al-Najei25216Al-Hilal
MFAli Al-Hassan25112Al-Nassr  
MFNasser Al-Dawsari2308Al-Ittihad
MFAyman Yahya  2108Abha  Al-Fateh
MFAbdulrahman Al-Aboud2703Al-Hilal
MFRiyadh Sharahili2904Al-Hilal
FWFiras Al-Buraikan24624Al-Fateh   
FWAbdullah Al-Hamdan21521Al-Hilal
FWSaleh Al-Shehri  191019Al-Hilal

Final Thought

Although they were not able to win any match in the previous World Cup, Saudi Arabia played an excellent game and can be proud of their efforts. They learned from that experience and came back stronger in their next match. The World Cup is a time of great excitement for football fans around the world. The Saudi Arabian team is one of the most popular teams in World Cup history, with anticipation building for their first match at this year’s event. We hope this blog post about  FIFA World Cup 2022 will be definitely helpful. For further interesting blogs and information on Saudi Arabia FIFA World Cup 2022 squad, please keep visiting our website.

As the countdown to the famous Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup begins, all eyes are on Saudi Arabia and its potential squad for the tournament. While they have not been overly successful in recent years, Saudi Arabia always has the potential to surprise a major tournament. The Saudi Arabia national football team will be representing the country at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The majority of the squad plays club football in Saudi Arabia. A few players are based in Europe and Asia.


Is Saudi Arabia a good team?

One of the most successful  Gulf national teams in Asia, Saudi Arabia, has won the AFC Asian Cup three times.

When did Saudi Arabia qualify for World Cup?

Saudi Arabia has qualified for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup after winning their AFC Third Round Group B.

What Is Saudi Arabia Ranked in Football?


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