Top 10 Best Goals Scored in World Football History of All Time – Greatest Goal Ever

Are you looking for Top 10 Best Goals Scored in World Football history? If yes, then you have come to the right place! We have compiled some of the best goals ever scored in the history of football.

Football’s technical and artistic flair has enchanted fans worldwide for over a century. This is partly because its less constraining rules give footballers an almost unlimited range of possibilities to utilize their creativity during a game. We have seen some incredible dribbles and mesmerizing tricks in football, but that is not all — the range of passes, shots, and skills are simply mind-boggling, making football one of the most thrilling games to watch. It comes as no surprise then that it’s so popular amongst spectators! if you want to know about Messi Top 10 Best Goals All Time, click here

Top 10 Best Goals Scored in World Football History of All Time - Greatest Goal Ever

Soccer is a truly remarkable sport, unrivaled in its reach and popularity. It has grown exponentially over the years, which can be attributed to its capacity for novelty. This quality has seen the game evolve continuously throughout the decades, consistently providing innovative improvements while maintaining some of its oldest traditions. The sheer volume of unique goals that have been scored since the very earliest days has kept people enthralled with soccer as an art form and a sport. Just look at the video compilation below to see some of the most breathtaking goals in history. There is something magical about hearing 30,000+ people burst into wild applause after watching an artist create a moment few could ever replicate.

Top 10 Best Goals Scored in World Football History of All Time

One of the most impressive feats that can be seen in football is the goal. The intense focus and skill those players have to pull off a seemingly impossible shot often surprises everyone. With so many goals being attempted during each season, it can be difficult to determine which deserves recognition for their uniqueness and complexity. This selection captures only the most extraordinary, requiring the player’s entire package of skill and talent to achieve its beauty. While some might argue that luck has been involved, there is no denying that flawless technique, timing, power, or creativity were all necessary factors.

The following are the best goals in the history of football:

1. George Weah (1996)

George Weah’s incredible goal in 1996 will long stand as one of football’s greatest goals and will remain in the memories of many. Even after receiving the ball from his penalty area, he ran the entire pitch length incredibly, passing three defenders along the way before finally slotting into the net. His immense talent on the pitch earned him recognition by being voted the best African Player of the 20th century, a testament to his brilliance on top of his monumental goal that is remembered today.

2. Zlatan Ibrahimovich (2012)

In late 2012, Zlatan Ibrahimovich’s goal against England produced one of the more iconic moments in football history. In an otherwise mundane international friendly, Joe Hart’s poor-headed clearance was all it took to ignite Zlatan into action. With a remarkable combination of technique, composure, athleticism, and accuracy, he somehow allowed the ball to drop from 30 yards above him and thump home a perfect overhead kick that looped over Hart and nestled into the net. It quickly became one of those goals which look almost impossible but have now been replayed thousands of times across journals, newspapers, televisions, and even phones, a reminder that there is sometimes no answer when a particular technique and skill is executed at its highest level.

3. Dennis Bergkamp (2002)

Dennis Bergkamp will go down in history as one of the greatest players ever to grace the football pitch. His skill and ball control was sublime, making it easy to understand why his goal against Newcastle in 2002 stunned everyone. Even three decades later, few have been able to put into words exactly what Bergkamp did on that fateful day. It took a mixture of strength, speed, and a level of talent only he possessed to achieve such an incredible feat; you need to watch it yourself to understand its magnitude. No matter how many times you watch it, the unique elegance he displayed in that play never ceases to amaze him.

4. Eric Cantona (1996)

Eric Cantona’s legendary goal in 1996 wrote his name into Manchester United folklore for eternity. His sublime chip from the edge of the penalty area beat two defenders and the goalkeeper before Cantona exchanged passes with a teammate. His subsequent celebration showed his class as he stood stock still on the spot, slowly pirouetting as if to show appreciation for his significant strike and give fans some much-needed respite. His vaunting stare seemed to say, ‘I meant that!’ This goal was emblematic of a player who should rightly be remembered with real admiration by football lovers everywhere.

5. Marco Van Basten (1988)

Marco Van Basten’s iconic goal in the 1988 European Championship final remains one of the most impressive finishes in recent sporting history. From a difficult angle, he managed to loop an incredibly precise and powerful volley over the heads of the already defeated German defenders, sparking wild celebrations from Dutch fans. That goal helped secure victory for the Netherlands and earned Van Basten the title of leading goalscorer for the tournament, forever cementing his place in Dutch footballing folklore. Even more impressive, however, was the tribute paid to Van Basten by rival fans who stood up and applauded not only in appreciation of such an incredible display of technical skill but also in admiration for a player seen as an undisputed master on the football field.

6. Carlos Alberto (1970)

The Brazilian team that represented their nation in the 1970 World Cup is considered by many to be one of the best squads ever assembled. With greats like Pele, Jairzinho, Rivelino, and Gerson, led by acclaimed captain Carlos Alberto, this Brazilian side decimated almost every opponent they faced on their way to winning the World Cup trophy that year. The greatest evidence of their brilliance was showcased in the final when Pele executed a majestic team goal described as “the epitome of collective artistry” by sports magazines. Supported by Brazil’s passionate fans in Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca, this 12th player pushed them to victory over Italy in a 4-1 demolition. This is one unforgettable chapter that will remain in football history forever.

7. Roberto Carlos (1997)

Roberto Carlos knew the game of football like no other, as demonstrated in his stunning video with three unique goals. The first one, especially, left Fabian Barthez and viewers worldwide stunned; it is arguably one of the most iconic goals in football history. His second goal was even more remarkable as he miraculously netted one from a nearly impossible angle. It’s a testament to his incredible skill that these eye-catching goals reside in just three minutes of footage. Roberto Carlos inspires aspiring footballers everywhere, with his superhuman abilities deserving nothing but the utmost respect and admiration.

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovich (2004)

Zlatan Ibrahimovich scored an iconic goal in 2004. The show he put on gave fans the pleasure of experiencing a masterclass in soccer skill and finesse. Ever so cleverly evading five different defensive attempts to win the ball, Zlatan weaved his way through the opposition with exceptional agility and made it look easy. It was a goal that surely could not have been done better; Zlatan captivated us with his range of superior dribbles and dummy flicks that left the mere defenders spectators of a magic trick. Indeed, Ajax’s 6-2 victory makes this even more impressive – raising our appreciation of Ibrahimovich’s brilliance – however, one cannot overlook each defensive mistake that no doubt contributed to this miracle goal for what it truly is: pure artistry on the field.

9. Diego Maradona (1986)

Diego Maradona’s 1986 World Cup goal is often referred to as the greatest in football history, and for a good reason. Defying the odds with speed and skill, he created a moment of pure magic that will live long in the memory of Argentina fans and football fans around the globe. Gathering the ball in his half, he beat four players and, even more impressively, the goalkeeper before prodding it into the net. His determination and brilliance on this day was something truly special that pushed Argentina to become World Champions, cementing Maradona’s name as one of football’s all-time greats.

10. Lionel Messi (2007)

Lionel Messi, arguably the best player in the world right now and certainly one of the all-time greats, has scored some extraordinary goals throughout his career. However, one of his most memorable efforts came in 2007 against Getafe when he conjured up something almost identical to Diego Maradona’s iconic strike 20 years earlier. Starting from a similar position and dribbling past four players before rounding off with a superb finish, Messi showed that he had mastered the art of goal-scoring and what it takes to be an artist. His effort was slightly better than Maradona’s – if that is even possible – and his opponents were mesmerized by what they had witnessed.


Football has seen some truly amazing goals throughout the years, with each player leaving a unique mark on the sport. Whether it’s Pele’s majestic team goal in the 1970 World Cup or Lionel Messi’s stunning 2007 strike against Getafe, these players have shown us that there is no limit to what can be achieved when pure skill and brilliance are combined. Each of these goals is a masterpiece in its own right, but they all share one common trait: the unforgettable feeling of amazement and joy from watching them.

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What is the most iconic goal in football history?

The most iconic goal in football history is arguably Roberto Carlos’s 1997 free-kick against France. This goal left Fabian Barthez and viewers worldwide dumbstruck and is remembered as one of the best goals ever scored.

Who scored the winning goal in the 1986 World Cup final?

Argentina’s Diego Maradona scored the winning goal of the 1986 World Cup. His iconic solo effort, known as ‘The Goal of the Century,’ is considered one of football’s greatest goals.

What player scored the greatest goal in football history?

While opinions may vary, many regard Zlatan Ibrahimovich’s 2004 goal against NAC Breda as the greatest goal in football history. His agility and skill mesmerized viewers and left opponents stunned as he weaved his way through five defenders before scoring a beautiful shot.

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