Spain Vs Costa Rica Match: Preview, Prediction, Standings, H2H Records, History, News & Stats

Spain and Costa Rica are set to face off in the FIFA World Cup 2022. This will be a highly anticipated game, as both teams are vying for a spot in the knockout stage of the tournament. Who will come out on top?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup Draw has provided some teams with an easy path to the knockout round, but others will have their hands full as they battle through group stages and qualify for future editions. This match of the upcoming famous FIFA World Cup 2022 will see Spain take on Costa Rica at Al Thumana Stadium. Spain and Costa Rica will face off in the FIFA World Cup 2022. The teams are evenly matched, but which one will come out on top? The Spanish team is known for its strong defense. In this blog, we will definitely explain Spain Vs. Costa Rica FIFA World Cup 2022. If you want to know about the Croatia FIFA World Cup 2022 Squad, click here.

Spain Vs Costa Rica Football Match

The Group of Death for this year’s World Cup has been drawn, and it includes Spain alongside Germany or Japan. The most difficult group will undoubtedly be E with its clashes between these three countries; however, Costa Rica might not quite seem as challenging on paper- though they’re still in play! In the upcoming match between Spain and Costa Rica, there will be many exciting moments. This article provides a list of those anticipated events with information that can help you prepare for this game! The one thing you can say about 19-year-old FC Barcelona player Pedri is that he’s got plenty of maturity for his age. He was recently called up by Spain and will be making history at this year’s World Cup, which means there are few players more ready than him in all world!

Spain National Football Team vs Costa Rica National Football Team Match Preview

The preview and prediction of Spain Vs. Costa Rica is the talk of the town these days. The last Spanish player left in the World Cup is Sergio Busquets. He’s one of their few remaining representatives from Spain’s golden era, and he’ll surely show us something special before a final tournament this year! When it comes to soccer, there are few players in Spain who can match Ferran Torres’s skills. The man known as “El Bocata”  for his small size and ungainly technique has been one of the country’s most clinical finishers over recent years with FC Barcelona.

Spain is currently one of the best sides in international football. They are coming into this match against Costa Rica on the back of a big win over Portugal and will be looking to register another win in this match. This will give them a big boost in their World Cup. Costa Rica, on the other hand, is coming into this interesting match on the back of a loss to Chile and will be definitely looking to get back to winning ways. However, they will be up against a tough test in Spain, and it is difficult to see them getting anything from this match. Spain is the clear favorite for this match and should register a comfortable win.

Spain National Football Team Vs Costa Rica National Football Team Matches Records, History, H2H & stats

Spain Vs Costa Rica15 Nov 2011International Friendly2-2D
Spain Vs Costa Rica11 Jun 2015International Friendly2-1W
Spain Vs Costa Rica11 Nov 2017International Friendly5-0W

Spain National Football Team History & Records

The 2010 world champions begin their campaign on November 23rd against Los Ticos and are likely going to come away with a fairly easy win. The Spanish soccer team has been looking to recreate their success from 2010 when they won “La Roja” in the World Cup. While there are some veterans, such as Sergio Busquets and Xavi,

Spain Previous Matches – Spain Football Last 5 Matches Results

Spain Vs Jordan3-1
Spain Vs Portugal1-0
Spain Vs Switzerland1-2
Spain Vs Czech Republic2-0
Spain Vs Switzerland1-0

Spain FIFA RankingSpain National Team Football Ranking

Championship. Spain is now ranked 7th in the world according to FIFA rankings.

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Costa Rica National Football Team History & Records

Costa Rica is ranked thirty-first in the world and will face expectations that will be different from those of other teams. However, they are an underdog team with low odds of winning the 2022 World Cup. The Ticos will be looking to their captain for leadership and guidance in midfield as they count on all eleven players today. Ruiz is one of many veterans who helped Costa Rica qualify in the 3rd round of CONCACAF matches.

Costa Rica Previous Matches – Costa Rica Football Last 5 Matches Results

Costa Rica Vs IraqCAN
Costa Rica Vs Nigeria2-0
Costa Rica Vs Uzbekistan2-1
Costa Rica Vs Korea Republic2-2
Costa Rica Vs New Zealand1-0

Costa Rica FIFA RankingCosta Rica National Team Football Ranking

Championship. Costa Rica is now ranked 31st in the world according to FIFA rankings.

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Spain Vs Costa Rica Date & Time Country Wise

IndiaUSACanadaQatarSpainCosta Rica
9:30 PM11:00 AM11:00 AM7:00 PM5:00 PM10:00 AM

Spain National Football Team Vs Costa Rica National Football Team Match Favourite

Spain is the favorite against Consta Rica in Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022. Spain will be too much for Costa Rica to handle in their first match. It’s difficult that Costa Rica is going to have to play in the hot desert climate when they’re not used to it, but we’re still excited to see how both teams perform and adjust. Spain is expected to coast through the first match of the tournament, which is evident by looking at odds across all platforms. This can be attributed to Spain’s dominant defense over recent months, including an impressively dominating performance against Italy last month. The unique thing about this game is the lack of offense. Neither side is a heavy-scoring team, so people are likely going to be anxious, and the ball may not even go into the net at all.

Spain Vs Costa Rica Final Score

Spain Vs Costa Rica Score Prediction, Goal & who will win?

Suppose you are unaware of the Spain Vs. Costa Rica prediction, you are at the right place. Spain had been predicted to perform well this year at the World Cup, but Germany is poised to win Group E, which means that any outcome is possible. Costa Rica’s struggles at World Cup qualifying matches continue, as they average 0.93 goals per game and have only managed to score more than two shots on goal once this year. The defense will need some help if these statistics are going down further because it seems like opposing teams know how vulnerable Costa Rica’s own net might be with such little offense outputting from its players so far throughout the ongoing campaigns.

Spain vs Costa Rica Match Predicted Score: Spain 2-0 Costa Rica

Final Thought About Spain Vs Costa Rica Match

Spain had always been known for their beautiful style of play, and its midfield was the heart of the team. With so many great players in that area, it was hard to keep the ball away from them for a long. Costa Rica would have to be careful not to give Spain too much space in the first half, or they would likely score an early goal. However, Costa Rica proved itself to be a formidable opponent. They were able to keep possession of the ball for long periods of time and create chances with their top scorer Joel Campbell leading the charge. But unfortunately, they were met with staunch resistance from Spain’s defenders, who managed to block any chance of a goal being scored against them.

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What are the top betting tips?

Spain scored an average of 1.13 goals in the first half of their World Cup Qualifying matches.
Spain controlled the table with 17 goals scored.
It seems that Costa Rica has been slumping for a while now. They gave up three goals in their last two international friendlies, which made them slip back into bad habits. Their defense was showing small gaps every now and then.

How many FIFA World Cups did Spain win?

Spain earned the distinction of being crowned world champions on one occasion in 2010.

What are the results of Spain Vs Costa Rica head-to-head matches?

Spanish and Costa Rican teams have each competed against one another three times. Spanish teams won two out of those three games, while Costa Rican team was unable to win any game at all.

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