Argentina vs France Football Match: Preview, Prediction, History, H2H Records, Key Player, Standings & Stats

Argentina vs France football match is an important game. It is the biggest game of the world cup 2022. Argentina vs France football match will be played at the Lusail Stadium in Lusail, Qatar. Are you ready for a knock-down, drag-out match between two football powerhouses? On Sunday, Argentina and France will face off in a highly anticipated match. Both teams have star players that can make the difference between victory and defeat. The stakes are high, so don’t miss out on the action!

Argentina has been one of the top teams in the world for decades. They have won two World Cups and are always a threat to win major tournaments. Lionel Messi will lead Argentina’s attack, supported by players such as Angel di Maria and Gonzalo Higuain. France is also a formidable opponent. They recently won the 2018 World Cup, showcasing their talent on the biggest stage. Led by Kylian Mbappé, France’s attack is unpredictable and dangerous. With the likes of Antoine Griezmann and Paul Pogba in the lineup, they can score goals from anywhere on the pitch. If you want to know about Croatia vs Morocco Football Match, click here.

Argentina vs France Football Match

Argentina vs France Football Match: Preview, Prediction, History, H2H Records, Key Player, Standings & Stats

This match promises to be an intense affair between two football giants. Tune in this Sunday to see who will come out on top. It should be an unforgettable match! Argentina’s emphatic victory in the semifinal was a testament to their strength as a footballing nation and rightly deserves recognition. Even with the cloud of Messi’s unclear future hovering over them, La Albiceleste showcased why they are one of the most decorated international sides in world football. France similarly demonstrated impressive quality, moving past resistant Belgium by two goals to one. Both teams now stand ninety minutes away from glory after struggling through tough opposition in earlier fixtures. As two of the great heavyweights of Europe face off, the stakes could not be higher for a tournament that has already provided fans with plenty of moments to savor. This is sure to be an epic final worthy of deciding who will be crowned World Cup champions in 2022.

Argentina vs France Match Information

Arguably, two of the best teams in world football will come head to head on December 18th when Argentina and France face off in the Final of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. It will be a momentous occasion as supporters from both nations gather at the Lusail Iconic Stadium to witness this truly global event. Though Argentina proved their mettle with strong performances through each round of the tournament, they are up against a formidable French team who have demonstrated their skill throughout the matches leading up to the Finals. Only one team can emerge victorious, but rest assured it promises to be an unforgettable match.

The fairytale of Morocco’s success at the World Cup came to an end in the later match against France, who managed to strike early and stay in the lead. Theo Hernandez scored powerfully in just minutes of play, silencing any hope that Morocco had of coming back strong. Then, Randal Kolo Muani sealed it shut with a second goal in the second half while the French were comfortably defending their turf from sustained attacks. It was an unexpectedly one-sided match, as Morocco had been performing strongly up until this point. Nevertheless, France has proven to be powerful with its precision and skill in this competition, eliminating yet another competitor from the World cup race.

Argentina vs France History Performances

The storied rivalry between Argentina and France has been in the World Cup spotlight since 1930. Through two group stage matchups and one knockout stage clash, memories of this international power couple have become part of World Cup lore. Each game has resulted in a convincing win for one or the other, with both sides desiring to dominate the most prestigious tournament on the planet. The latest matchup at Russia 2018 showed us how they hadn’t did disappoint, providing the world with a masterful performance from France as they completely overcame their South American opponents. With another potential matchup on the horizon, we can only expect more thrilling defeats and revenge matches to come as these two sides vie for global glory in the coming years!

Argentina National Football Team Vs France National Football Team Matches Records, H2H & stats

Despite their track record, heading into the 2018 stadiums for the World Cup match for both Argentina and France came with an invaluable sense of uncertainty. Having already experienced the hex of a few close losses yet dangling a chance to prevail in knockout football, both countries had reason to be hopeful. With decades-long rivalries and unforgettable meetings adding some sparkle to this encounter, not only did it promise a clash but also a deep drive within every pair of eyes fixed on that white carpet stretched between both teams. It was almost certain that one could feel the sensation of history coursing through their veins while they felt the essence lapping at their feet as the results unfurled; this was football at its finest offering.

Kylian Mbappe scored two goals in that game, making him the top scorer in World Cup games between the two teams, with Benjamin Pavard and Antoine Griezmann also scoring. Out of these scores, Pavard created one of the most memorable moments of the tournament with his stunning strike from a long ranger that powered France to victory. Since then, Mbappe has cemented his status as one of the who’s who in international football and proved invaluable for France’s ambitions of defending their title. Such was the brilliance said their goals; it will surely be remembered for a long time to come!

Argentina Vs France26 Mar 1986International Friendly0-2
Argentina Vs France07 Feb 2007International Friendly1-0
Argentina Vs France11 Feb 2009International Friendly2-0
Argentina Vs France30 Jun 2018FIFA World Cup3-4

Argentina Previous Matches – Argentina Football Last 5 Matches Results

Argentina Vs Croatia3-0
Argentina Vs Netherlands2-2
Argentina Vs Austraila2-1
Argentina Vs Poland2-0
Argentina Vs Mexico2-0

Argentina FIFA RankingArgentina National Football Team Ranking

Championship. Argentina is now ranked 3rd in the world according to FIFA rankings.

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France Previous Matches – France Football Last 5 Matches Results

France Vs Morocco2-0
France Vs England2-1
France Vs Poland3-1
France Vs Tunisia0-1
France Vs Denmark2-1

France FIFA RankingFrance National Team Football Ranking

Championship. France is now ranked 4th in the world according to FIFA rankings.

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Previous Meetings

June 30, 2018World Cup
(Round of 16)
France 4
Argentina 3
Griezmann (13′-pen), Pavard (57′), Mbappe (64′, 68′); Di Maria (41′), Mercado (48′), Aguero (90′)
February 11, 2009FriendlyFrance 0
Argentina 2
Gutierrez (40′), Messi (83′)
February 7, 2007FriendlyFrance 0
Argentina 1
Saviola (15′)
Mar 26, 1986FriendlyFrance 2 Argentina 0Ferreri (15′), Vercruysse (80′)
June 6, 1978World Cup
(Group stages)
Argentina 2
France 1
Pasarella (45′- pen), Luque (73′); Platini (60′)
Jun 26, 1977FriendlyArgentina 0 France 0N/A
May 18, 1974FriendlyFrance 0 Argentina 1Kempes (22′)
Jun 25, 1972FriendlyArgentina 0 France 0N/A
Jan 12, 1971FriendlyArgentina 2 France 0Laraignee (4′ – pen), Madurga (75′)
Jan 8, 1971FriendlyArgentina 3 France 4Brindisi (55′), Nicolau (73′), Laraignee (90′ – pen); Loubet (3′), Djorkaeff (50′ – pen), Lech (64′), Revelli (89′)
June 3, 1965FriendlyFrance 0 Argentina 0N/A
July 15, 1930World Cup
(Group stages)
Argentina 1
France 0
Monti (81′)

Argentina vs France Match Prediction

It’s no surprise that France is the heavy favorite for this game. Although Argentina has been a formidable opponent, their past results against the French suggest otherwise and any chance of an upset looks unlikely. The only thing we can predict with certainty is that both sides will be putting in maximum effort to bring home a win as it could make or break their respective campaigns. It’ll be a fiercely competitive match with both teams giving it their all, and the outcome is far from certain. We know one thing for sure; the winner of this game will have something to brag about for years to come!

Final Verdicts

From the above-concluded facts, it has been observed that Argentina and France have always been on opposite sides of this match-up in previous World Cup tournaments. From history, it can be determined that both teams will put up a good fight against each other and come out as victors. However, this game is expected to be won by France due to its superior skill and technique. So, who will rise to the occasion and prove themselves victorious? We can only wait and watch!

No matter who wins, a great show is expected from both sides. So make sure you don’t miss out on the thrilling spectacle that will unfold between these two historic powerhouse teams!

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When is the next Argentina vs. France World Cup match?

The next Argentina vs. France World Cup match has yet to be scheduled.

What team is favored to win upcoming Argentina vs. France World Cup matchup?

At this time, most experts consider France to be the favorite to come out on top in any potential upcoming Argentina vs. France World Cup matchup.

Who is the all-time highest scorer of Argentina vs. France World Cup matches?

Kylian Mbappe currently holds the record for the most goals scored by a single player in Argentina vs. France World Cup matches, with two goals in the 2018 game.

What is the most memorable moment from an Argentina vs. France World Cup match?

Benjamin Pavard’s stunning strike from a long-range shot to win the game for France in the 2018 matchup is undoubtedly the most memorable moment of any Argentina vs. France World Cup match.

What can we expect from a potential upcoming Argentina vs. France World Cup matchup?

An exciting and fiercely competitive game is expected in any potential Argentina vs. France World Cup matchup, with both teams putting in maximum effort to come out on top. The outcome of the game will be far from certain and we can only wait and watch for who will come out triumphant.

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