Brazil vs South Korea Match: Preview, Prediction, History, H2H Records, Key Player, Standings & Stats

Brazil has been on an impressive run over the last few months, having won their last seven matches in all competitions. Their stars, Neymar and Gabriel Jesus, have been in excellent form, while the team has played an incredibly effective passing game. They hope to continue their success against South Korea and carry that momentum into the World Cup.

South Korea also comes into this match confidently, having won their last three matches in all competitions. Their midfielders, Ki Sung-Yeung and Son Heung-min have been instrumental in their performances, combining energy and skill to create chances for the team. South Korea will look to build on this form against Brazil and prove its credentials as a top side in world football. If you want to know about Japan vs Croatia FIFA World Cup Match, click here.

Brazil vs South Korea Match

Brazil vs South Korea Match: Preview, Prediction, History, H2H Records, Key Player, Standings & Stats

Both sides will surely put on an entertaining show when they meet in Qatar. With both teams in top form, this match is sure to be a classic clash between two of the best teams in the world. Who will come out on top? Only time will tell. Don’t miss it!

South Korea’s incredible win over Portugal was a well-deserved victory for a gutsy side. With no signs of complacency heading into their crucial do-or-die encounter against the European giants, South Korean players kept their noses in front. Despite going a goal down, they never stopped believing. Scoring two goals in the second half to complete an unexpected turnaround importantly showed the world what this South Korean team was made of and sent an ominous warning to their next opponent Brazil. Not content with outlasting Portugal, the South Koreans proved that their determination and uncompromising attitude would be ramped up another gear when they took on Brazil – one of the tournament favourites.

Brazil vs South Korea Match Information

Brazil is set to take on South Korea in an exciting football match on December 5 at Stadium 974 in Qatar. Both teams have shown themselves as formidable opponents, with Brazil ranking 6th worldwide and South Korea 22nd according to FIFA’s rankings. Although Brazil holds an impressive record against the former Asian champions, they must prepare for this match as if it was any other game, with creativity, determination, and strength. It will surely be a thrilling match as two great teams face off in this quadrennial international gathering. All eyes will turn towards Stadium 974 when kickoff takes place at 22:00 p.m. local time this December 5; it could prove a watershed moment for world football.

Brazil vs South Korea History

Unsurprisingly, Brazil and South Korea have never met competitively in a World Cup. Though they have faced each other in friendly matches six times, including the 1997 Nike World Tour exhibition game, the stakes of this last-16 fixture are much higher than anything they’ve experienced. The competitive edge and increased pressure combine to provide a fascinating context; both teams will face what amounts to a brand-new opponent as they seek to progress in their respective campaigns. There is no telling which team will come out on top as sections of footballing history will be written this Tuesday — evoking anticipation from fans worldwide!

South Korea had built up some momentum last year after making it to the semi-finals of the East Asian Football Federation. Still, their recent encounter with Brazil was a sobering reminder of the long road ahead. Six months ago, Seoul, Brazil, put on a show, delivering an impressive 5-1 win. Neymar scored twice, and Richarlison, Philippe Coutinho, and Gabriel Jesus also found the back of the net. The result was disheartening for South Korea and their fans, who are looking for steady improvement when it comes to international competition. While South Korea won’t want to dwell too much on this result, they will surely take away valuable lessons from it and continue striving towards a better future.

Since their first meeting in 1976, it is no surprise Brazil generally holds the upper hand when facing South Korea. The Selecao have not lost more than once since that day. Surprisingly, the single defeat came at the hands of South Korea back in 1999 when a strike from Kim Do-Hoon provided what would be a momentous 1-0 win while hosting Brazil in Seoul. It was a match featuring world-renowned footballers, including Cafu and Rivaldo, but powerhouses like those could do nothing to prevent Korea from generating a historic victory. To this day, that lone triumph remains cherished among South Korean fans as one of their country’s proudest moments on the world stage.

Brazil vs South Korea H2H Records

Brazil Vs South Korea12 Oct 2013International Friendly2-0
Brazil Vs South Korea19 Nov 2019International Friendly3-0
Brazil Vs South Korea02 Jun 2022International Friendly5-1

Brazil Previous Matches – Brazil Football Last 5 Matches Results

Brazil Vs Cameroon0-1
Brazil Vs Switzerland1-0
Brazil Vs Serbia2-0
Brazil Vs Tunisia5-1
Brazil Vs Ghana3-0

Brazil FIFA Ranking – Brazil National Team Football Ranking

Championship. Brazil is now ranked 1st in the world according to FIFA rankings.

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South Korea Previous Matches – South Korea Football Last 5 Matches Results

South Korea Vs Portugal2-1
South Korea Vs Ghana2-3
South Korea Vs Uruguay0-0
South Korea Vs Iceland1-0
South Korea Vs Cameroon1-0

Korea Republic FIFA Ranking – South Korea National Team Football Ranking

Championship. South Korea is now ranked 28th in the world according to FIFA rankings.

2002 FIFA World Cup Moments

The 2002 World Cup stands as an all-time special moment for Brazilians, and South Korea has a bit part to play. Even though the Korean national team did not face off against Ronaldo and Co., Brazilians remember the hosting invitation from South Korea. The Korean team, made up of players like Hong Myung-Bo, captured the hearts of many fans worldwide with their style of ‘anytime, anywhere football. Although they couldn’t realize the dream of becoming champions, they still achieved something more valuable that united many people in Brazil. They enabled their nation and others to unite through a magnificent spectacle – Football!

Brazil’s winning streak during the FIFA World Cup 2002 was remarkable – they didn’t drop a single point in the group stages and then continued their winning form to Japan. This could not have come at a better time for the Brazilian squad, as South Korea – another regional powerhouse – was equally defying expectations on the other side of the brackets with some significant upsets. The fact that those wins came amidst some controversy only added to the palpable excitement among Brazilian supporters. No one could predict who would emerge victorious between these two teams should they meet in later rounds.

The 2002 World Cup remains one of the most talked-about tournaments in history, as hosts South Korea made a run to the semifinals. With Portugal, Italy and Spain knocked out early in stunning fashion, and there was fury in the European press over claims that referees may have been working with an agenda to assist the Asian nation’s cause. In the end, Germany had to step in and put a medical stop to South Korea’s run by beating them in the semifinal stage. Unfortunately for Die Mannschaft, they stumbled at the Yokohoma final against a Ronaldo double, with Brazil claiming their fifth tournament victory. That 2002 finale will go down as one of the most thrilling matches in World Cup history.

Brazil vs South Korea Match Prediction

When these two teams meet again, Brazil is the clear favourite to come out victorious. South Korea has had some impressive recent results, but their opponents are still a notch above them regarding quality and experience. That being said, it is certainly possible for South Korea to cause an upset if they bring their A-game and fully focus on the task at hand. Brazil’s squad is stacked with star talent, and it will take a collective effort from South Korea to even give them a run for their money. If this matchup does come to fruition, expect an exciting contest that will be full of surprises. Both teams can produce fantastic football when given the opportunity, so it should be a memorable match. Ultimately, Brazil is the obvious pick for victory in this one. We predict they will win by at least a two-goal margin.


The 2002 World Cup between Brazil and South Korea is an iconic moment in the history of football. Both teams have since gone on to achieve greatness on the international stage, but this rivalry holds a special place in fans’ hearts. When they face off again, Brazil is the overwhelming favourite to come out on top. However, South Korea has proved in the past that they can cause an upset, so we should expect an exciting contest with plenty of surprises. Ultimately, Brazil will take the win, but this matchup promises to be a memorable one nonetheless. We predict they will win by at least two goals.

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Q. What resulted from the 2002 World Cup final between Brazil and South Korea?

A. Brazil emerged victorious in the 2002 World Cup final, beating South Korea 2-0 thanks to a double from Ronaldo.

Q. How successful have both teams been since then?

A. Both sides have achieved considerable success since then. Brazil has gone on to win Copa America four times, while South Korea have qualified for the World Cup in consecutive tournaments since 2002 and achieved a semi-final berth in 2018.

Q. Who is the favourite to win if they face off again?

A. Brazil is the clear favourite if these two sides meet again. South Korea have the potential to cause an upset, but Brazil have a star-studded squad, and it will take a collective effort from South Korea to even give them a run for their money. It promises to be an exciting match regardless of the result.

Q. What is the predicted outcome?

A. We predict that Brazil will win by at least a two-goal margin. Both teams can produce fantastic football on their day, so it should be an entertaining contest.

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